Wednesday, 19 November 2014


It's finally time for me to do my SSM (Student Selected Module). Possibly one of my favourite aspects of the course due to the fact that it involves 4 weeks of reading into a topic of interest and writing a dissertation. Which is a lot less chilled out than the rest of the year!

So this year I picked "Epidemiology and the treatment of tropical medicine". As an individual with a growing interest for global health, this topic is perfect for me to explore in more detail over the next 4 weeks.

The disease I've picked is Ebola. As a current and topical issue, I thought it would be perfect for me to find out more about this virus and how it affects the lives of those living in West Africa and the incredible health professionals that are out there doing their part to contain this deadly disease.

I'm specifically going to look into how and why the Ebola virus is causing such global concern by using epidemiology to back up my findings.

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