Monday, 27 October 2014


Even though Lancaster isn't one of the largest cities in England, I do on a regular basis become mesmerised by its surreal natural beauty.

Ashton Memorial is an exquisite building that's mathematically in the centre of the United Kingdom. It is considered as the Taj Mahal of the North as it was built by a billionaire for his wife. I've been told that the view from the top is spectacular during the day but walking around Williamson park and looking across the Lancaster skyline at night time is simply breathtaking.


The other night my friend took me to Williamson Park to see the view from atop the memorial as I had never been there before. Even though I have been in Lancaster for over a year!

There's nothing more peaceful than going for a long walk with a close friend and breathing the cold crisp air as you ramble on about things that won't matter to anyone else but you. I love experiencing the world at night. There's a change in character in the people you see walking down the street and the buzz of the day is replaced with a sense of calmness as people let their hair down and forget the worries of the day that has just passed them by.

So what did I enjoy most about being on top of the most central building in the UK?

It has to be the night sky that was illuminated with speckles of stars and the earth that was radiating with lights of the busy Lancaster night life. You feel serene as you watch over this beautiful sight.

First dates, family outings, friends gathering and individuals enjoying the simple pleasures in life.


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