Sunday, 28 September 2014


For confidentiality purposes I'm going to call her SJ

Lately I've been talking to my childhood friend from Oman. I've known her from ever since I can remember. We went to church together, we were in the same classes and we did pretty much everything together. In the year 2003, everything changed.

When my mum told me that we were moving halfway across the world to England, I was devastated. Not only was I leaving my comfortable life in Oman and the friends that I shared my childhood with; I was also leaving SJ. She may deny it now but I still remember how we were both in tears when I eventually told her. I was moving to an alien country to start a new chapter in my life but I wanted her to be one of the characters in my new book. We vowed to stay in touch and at first, we both kept our promises. But like a vast majority of friendships, as life became more hectic and difficult, the frequency of the calls and efforts made to contact each other decreased; until eventually it stopped on both sides.

Five years went by...

We both changed. We grew taller. Our bodies changes. Our attitudes, morals and values were taking shape. We were starting to become individuals in our own right.

We stumbled across each other's profile on a social media site and began talking. I'm going to be completely modest and say that conversations with me don't tend to get awkward unless I want it to! However, this time around I was quite nervous to start talking to her. 

We are so different from the little girls in pigtails that used to run around the international school in Oman. Nevertheless, after all these years the conversation flowed regardless of the North Atlantic Ocean that keeps us apart. It's quite strange talking to SJ, it feels as though I'm reliving my childhood in the country that I was born and brought up in. 

I love hearing other people's stories about the one friend whom they've known for what seems like an eternity. I used to wish that I had that in my life too. But moving from country to country has made it difficult (Not that I would change that!) But now I'm beginning to see that I too have a childhood friend. Someone I used to share all my secrets with and someone with whom I will always have a million things to talk about. We may be living in different countries but hopefully our friendship will last as long as others in the world who are lucky enough to have that special friend for years to come. One day, I hope to visit you in America and relive the days we ruled Indian School of Darsait!

I know that you read my blog so hello! :) I hope I haven't made you cringe too much with this post.

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