Saturday, 13 September 2014


As you are welcomed into this world with open arms, your newly developed mouth and lungs initiates its first response to the world and takes its first breath.
That first gasp of air kick starts all of your major life processes.
Only stopping when you fall in love or when you become overwhelmed with a cloud of anguish.

During your early years you depend entirely on your parents.
You trust them to cherish and care for you and fall unconditionally in love with you.
They feed you, they clothe you and they shelter you from the harsh realities of the world.

As you grow older, your mind starts to wander. Your level of independence increases and you make the bold decision to spread your wings and fly. Leaving behind the arms that once held you close to their hearts.

The culture that defines my identity as an individual, teaches me to respect and look after my elders. This means repaying the blood, sweat and tears of your parents as they get older by looking after them at a time when they are most vulnerable just like they filled you with love as a child.

Working as a carer alongside my studies has its ups and downs. It showed me precisely how as a human being, we complete a circle in terms of our capabilities. As a baby, you are unable to fend for yourself and depend on others; and as your skin becomes covered in the trails of numerous life experiences as you age, you are again dependent on others.

One of the many greatest aspects of Asian culture that I'm proud to be a part of is caring for your parents as they age. In fact, it's frowned upon in society if you decide to put your parents in a care home. With all the remarkable things my mum has been through, I will surely be taking care of her until she's carried away to live under the umbrella of God's eternal glory.

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