Saturday, 6 September 2014


The world we live in is sick. Innocent lives are being murdered in cold blood every day. I wish there was something I could do about it.

Thousands of Christians are cruelly having their lives taken away from them. I know that Christians aren't the only ones suffering but I can't help but think about how people that share the same faith as me are being tortured.

Beheading children...
Raping and killing women...
Hanging men...

All because of their faith. The one thing that's supposed to make them feel at peace with themselves is now the cause of this persecution. Let's not forget the fact that this isn't the first time Christians have been treated this way. Who could dismiss from their mind the way Christians were publicly fed to starving lions for entertainment? When first learning about it, the world thought it was preposterous. But history is repeating itself for the worse.

When will this inhumanity end?

I don't even know what it means to be human anymore. I used to think that the characteristics of a human was to be compassionate, empathetic, kind and above all put on this planet to care for one another and the resources of our tiny planet. But how is it that we are the only animals on this planet that's willing to kill one another and actually find pleasure in doing so?

I remember watching a documentary which showed cheetahs walking peacefully alongside their prey, gazelles. You see, wild animals only kill for food. For survival. They only kill when they need to. We as humans are supposed to have a superior intellect which enables us to make informed decisions with whatever situations that we are faced with. Yet we murder one another on the basis of what exactly? I don't think even the murderers know what they are fighting for.

The groups that are terrorising the world at the moment is giving religion a bad name. In fact, all of the blame is eventually going to fall on God. Our creator. The message of loving one another as you love yourself and the concept of free will is being forgotten by the inhabitants of this God forsaken planet.

My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters who are dying as martyrs. I know that this message will never reach the poor souls that are dying on the other side of the world; and as I carry on with my sheltered life, you remain in my prayers. Every time I think of the hardships that face you as you wake up each day brings me to tears. I hope with all my heart that your suffering ends as quickly as possible and I hope that the world sees sense and can finally start to comprehend what it means to be human again.

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