Friday, 1 August 2014


How can I explain the act of humans killing other humans to my children?
That history repeats itself and no one shows remorse
That the cries of the children of Gaza will still ring in their ears with force.

How can I tell my children that the very moment they step out into the world, they will be criticized for everything that they do?
That the colour of their skin will be scrutinised at every opportunity.
That the world will lie to them about everyone living in unity.

How can I show my children what their ancestors have been through to give their descendants freedom from a once heartless race?
That the rivers in the countries which were once ruled by the British empire is still flowing with their blood.
That their sweat and hard work can be found in the desolate mud.

How can I even begin to tell my children that they will always ALWAYS face racism, in one form or another?
That the amount of melanin that they have in their skin determines how society acts towards them.
That the blood that runs in every single human being's vessel is accountable for nothing.

My child, what's worse is the fact that people still turn a blind eye to what goes on around them.
 "Institutional racism?" "What's that?"
"People always have something to moan about"
Remember this: The oppressor will never understand the oppressed.
They will try to make you forget by convincing you that it's a thing of the past. But do not ever forget what our ancestors have been through.
And one more thing, do not encourage your culture to be a fashion statement. It is sacred and it's what makes you YOU.

And a final message...
Always read and educate yourself about your past and the present. It will open your mind to the reality that you have to face and will ensure that when faced with bigotry comments, you will know just what to say to make that individual look down at the floor in shame.

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