Monday, 11 August 2014


I have a few exciting things coming up next month. For starters, I'm back at university and this time I will be roaming around campus as a second year medical student - that is if I have any spare time! Secondly, I'm turning 20 on the 20th. I also have a half Indian half English wedding to go to which happens to be on the 20th as well. So all in all, next month should be jam-packed with things for me to do. Hopefully my blog won't suffer because of it!

A birthday and a wedding, that calls for new outfits! I'm a huge fan of online shopping. Mainly because I'm too lazy to actually go into town and do some browsing myself but it's also a great way to compare prices on different retail shops.

I thought I'd wear a bright colour to the wedding as my normal wardrobe consists of monochrome items. It's a nightmare trying to find a decent colour that will go with my dark brown skin tone! If I ever decide to inject a bit of colour to what I wear, I tend to go for something bright. It's risky but it makes you stand out. This duke blue shade is a personal favourite of mine. Not only is it bright, it also complements my dip-dye really well (which is sort of ginger - I'm afraid you have to trust me when I say that it wasn't planned!).                                                 
I'm afraid I gave into monochrome for my birthday outfit. Playsuits are absolutely perfect for nights out. Not only can you look dressed up, you can also avoid the occasional flashing that may occur as you dance! I'm not normally a fan of cut out clothes; but the contrasting colours and the way the playsuit is tailored works really well with the cuts.


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